Our organization provides a unique opportunity for a young woman to meet peers with similar goals and ambitions to form a support system that empowers them to succeed. The contestants receive guidance on public speaking, self confidence, networking, personal appearance, physical fitness and nutrition through the help of our sponsors. Some of Hollywood’s most successful talent including Halee Berry, Eva Longoria, Giuliana Rancic, Vanessa Minnillio, got their start competing as a beauty queen We look forward to getting to know you by completing the application below! Our non refundable application fee is $100 After completing Registration we will begin the screening process, The Full acceptance forms will be send to you via email if you are accepted to represent your country at this wonderful life time experience, We wish you all the best in your journey to become the Next.

The MISS AFRICA WORLD ® Beauty pageant is searching for a self confidence , articulate and role model married/divorce/engaged woman to wear the Crown!

Participating countries are All African America, All African & African/European, African/Asian, African/Latina and if you have 10% African you are qualified, Begin your journey to the 2019 MISS AFRICA WORLD ® NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!


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It has been well over five months since the coronation of the new Queen for the Miss Africa World Pageant and it is no doubt that winning a beauty pageant is an enormous responsibility and one that the reigning Miss Africa World, Uche Umeagukwu has taken seriously. This avid entrepreneur and philanthropist has handled her responsibilities with integrity and diligence since winning the pageant last November 18, 2017.

As she prepares for a much-needed homecoming to her native country where she was last known as the former Face Of Nigeria this spring, Uche Umeagukwu has kept a vey rigorous and busy schedule fulfilling the daunting task of reconciling the diaspora with warmth and candor. Paying courtesy visits to most of the diplomatic corps in the USA, her journey has been very fruitful, as she has received support from ambassadors and consul generals from different African countries who have pledged their support as she fulfills her mission to empower women and children from their various countries of representation. Wrapping up with her charitable purpose, the reigning Queen has graced a plethora of red carpets and community functions as an act of duty fulfilling her ambassadorial duties in representing the diaspora and bridging cultures.

As she continues this exciting journey she brings a message of economic and cultural awareness to all who encounter her. Her kick off Homecoming Tour this spring will be one of those and an opportunity to not only meet fans of the pageant and supporters of the Miss Africa World pageant but also a chance to personally invite and encourage confident young women and girls of African descent from all around the world to participate in the next contest which offers the possibility of winning scholarships and much more. While participation and winning are rewarding by themselves, the pageant is offering other life changing experiences including an opportunity to join the charitable arm of her foundation whose mission is assisting needy children worldwide and Kids N’Hunger in particular; and last but not least financial empowerment and support for SME (Small Medium Enterprise) businesses. Joining this enterprise offers the opportunity to become a part of a larger community through the support and partnership forged in Nigeria by tech giant Google to train and empower the youth in line with their goal of training 1 million youths in Africa on digital technology.

For participating countries, the Miss Africa World pageant is offering a partnership for each country to use its brand and platform to promote their interests by inviting the Queen to speak and grace their events thereby assisting in showcasing their national pride and cultural wealth, opportunities and heritage to the world. Miss Uche sees her role as an ambassador for all people of African descent and is ready to serve.

For inquiries about the Miss Africa World pageant or to book an appearance please contact management at missafricaworld@hotmail.com.

For more information please visit www.missafricaworld.org