Our charity

Out-of-School children's empowerment foundation (OSCEF), is a non-profit that is passionate about education and strives to support local, State, and Federal Government agendas towards eradicating/reduction of out-of-school children in our society. Also, for the successful implementation of the continuous phase of sustainable human development and in the actualization of goal 2 of Millennium development goal which is to ‘’achieve universal primary education’’

We are proud to partner with MISS AFRICA WORLD INC and relevant Stakeholders to greatly reduce the number of out-of-school children in our society. Out-of-school children empowerment foundation has been in existence since 2010 facilitating school enrollment and mobilizing support in terms of donation for out-of-school children and pupils in school. However, OSCEF became registered with co-operate affairs in 2013 under the registration number is CAC/IT/NO. 65308. We are ably represented in all the 20 LGEAs in Nigeria Africa through partnership and effective collaboration with Lagos state universal basic education board (LSUBEB) and the office of the education secretary of each local government education authority.